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PRODUCT INFORMATION: Stone and metal weights specified in each style are approximate. They usually vary within a 10% range. Prices may vary to correspond to the actual material used in some styles.

PRICES: Prices listed are intended for reference only. In general, they are triple-key prices. Actual price will be quoted at the time of ordering.

TERMS: Net 30 days for good rated customers.

RETURN POLICY: Jewelry with unacceptable defects should be returned within 5 days of reception. We either replace or refund. A copy of the invoice from which the item is sold must be included in the returned package. Credit for the item returned varies as follows: 1. full credit if returned within 15 days of invoice date; 2. full credit less 15% restocking charge if returned over 15 days but less than 90 days of invoice date; 3. no return of purchase after 90 days of invoice date; 4. no return of special ordered or close-out items.

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