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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  1. How do I log in to see the detail of your products?
  2. How to search for the item I am looking for in your web-site?
  3. How do I establish an account with you, is there a minimum order?
  4. How quickly do you ship the order, and how do you charge the shipping ?
  5. Do you stand behind the product you sell? How?
  6. Do you do 100% store balancing?

How do I log in to see the detail of your products?

Before you do the login, if this is the first time you visit our site after August 20, 2006, you need to click on "Not Registered Yet!" link below the login bar. This will take you to a simple registration form to fill out.

Once we verify your business, we'll activate your account with us.  The activation process usually takes within 24 hours. However, if you need to enter the site right away, call us. We can activate your account in a matter of couple minutes after you register.

Use your e-mail address as your username, and the password you entered in the registration form as your password. Both username and password are case sensitive. For your own convenience, we strongly recommend that you check "Remember my login information" box. This allows you to skip the login process next time you visit our site.

We do not keep a record of customers' passwords. Please memorize your password, especially, if you choose not to have the computer remembering your login information. In case you do forget your password, you can click on the "Forget your password?". This link will take you to a page for you to fill in the e-mail address. Once submitted, you'll receive an automatically generated password for you to log in the site.

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How to search for the item I am looking for in your web-site?

Our site is designed in such a way so you can quickly look up the product information depending on how much detail requirement you already know.

1.Quick Search: The search box on the top right corner of the homepage shows you the type of jewelry (ring, pendant, etc.) Once you choose a category (say, pendant) from the drop-down menu, you'll see all our pendants on the site.

2. Featured Products on the upper left side (below the navigation bar) highlights some of our products, so you quickly get an idea of the product we carry. These items also tend to be a more popular sellers for the category.

3. Search by Criteria is a powerful seach engine. You may type in keywords that you know for a product (such as diamond ring 14KW, or a partial number in a item number) you are looking for, a resulting pages will show you all items contain the words you type in.

4. Product Catelog on the navigation bar shows you all the categories of our product! once you click on the "Product Catelog" tile, a matrix of product type will show up. If you are looking for, say ruby pendant, you'll find the row says "ruby" and the column says "pendant" and click on the block where they cross; all ruby pendants in our stock will display.

Of course if all searches fail, call us.

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How do I establish an account with you, is there a minimum order?

If you operate a legitimate retail jewelry business, please contact us (phone, e-mail, or register into our website). Your first purchase from us automatically establish an account with us. Our goal is to win you as a long term customer, we welcome any amount of order you will place with us.

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How quickly do you ship the order, and how do you charge the shipping ?

We try to manage our inventory so that we are able to ship most of the items in your order in a timely manner. For items that we have in stock, they are shipped within couple days of your order. Normally, this will account for at least 80% of your order. For some special orders or out-of-stock items, shipment may take up to 8 weeks. Orders placed before October 15 for the Holiday Seasons will be fulfilled 100% complete before November 24.

We ship mostly by FedEx Ground or FedEx 2nd Day. Some higher value shipment will be shipped by either U S Postal Service next-day express or registered post. The shipping charge is only billed once. Unless you specifically request for multiple shipments, shipping charge for backordered item is on us. All orders are shipped with full insurance; all insurance fee will be added to your invoice.

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Do you stand behind the product you sell? How ?

Yes, we do. In fact, our more than 30 years of successful business is in part a testimony of how well we stand behind our products. First of all, we do our best to only sell products that are well designed, and well made so we have less trouble down the road. Secondly, we take care of repair job seriously. Defective jewelry returned to us are restored to its original condition as much as possible -- if we cannot do it locally, we send it back to factory to do it correctly. Most of the time, unless the defect is obviously due to customer's mishandle or excessive wear-and-tear, we do the repair (other than the center stone) free of charge.

Some styles, after some experience on customer's hand, do show more trouble than normally experienced. In this instance, we offer customer the option of either refund or repair the item one more time. Fortunately, we do not encounter this situation too often.

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Do you do 100% store balancing ?

No. We don't believe this benefits either vendors or you in the long run. We do offer limited exchange privilege on a case by case basis.

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