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In this space, we try to direct you to some links that provide useful information on topics we all should be aware of.  We welcome your inputs regarding to additional subjects that should be included.


PEARL  A companion Web site to a PBS television's NOVA program "The Perfect Pearl" airing on March 27, 2007 touches several pearl topics, especially that of fresh water pearls, might be interesting to our members:



JADE   The word "jade" refers to one of the most treasured but confusing gem stones due to its historical background throughout different parts of the world. A good resource on jade and its related topics, such as jadeite enhancements can be found in the following link:



WHITE GOLD   This subject is by far the most asked, and may be the most explained, in the jewelry trade since the white gold becomes popular.  The following Web page from World Gold Council supplies all the information you like to know about white gold. Topics include history, different alloys, and questions concerning jewelry made with white gold setting such as tarnishing, discoloring of fingers, allergic reactions, and more.


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